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Supercharging Urban Mobility

Photo Credit: Anthony Quintano

About re:Charge-e

re: Charge-e is a New York-based company with a global approach. We believe in the potential for shared micromobility to reshape urban communities toward a healthier, greener, and more equitable future. We are currently developing charging stations that will redefine how people use electric bikes, scooters, and other devices in public places. Our innovative design will simplify logistics and unlock operational value for systems operators while providing improved safety, durability, and reliability for riders.  For more information about who we are and what we do, check out our blog page or our  video. 

The Problem

Communities around the world are trying to become more green, sustainable and equitable.  Yet many micromobility providers struggle with profitability.  Electrified fleets of bikes and scooters require frequent battery charging which is currently performed by large teams of technicians and service vehicles which create significant operating costs and profitability headwinds.  Cities may also have multiple bike or scooter share services in one place, and each operator in a market ends up developing its own solution to the charging problem.  As a result, charging operations, either through the swapping of batteries or entire vehicles, can lead to increased congestion and greenhouse gas emissions associated with multiple fleets of service vehicles. 

Our Solution

Through a grant from the NY State Energy Research and Development Authority, re:Charge-e developed a one-of-kind charging station for shared micromobility ebikes and escooters.  This device was recently demonstrated using widely deployed models of shared ebikes and escooters.  re:Charge-e charging stations can eliminate duplicative and expensive charging efforts and help electric micromobility system operators dramatically reduce their operating costs.  At the same time, re:Charge-e stations help cities address concerns about the streetscape by providing dedicated parking locations for shared mobility vehicles. 

Our Vision

re:Charge-e envisions networks of charging stations in cities across the US that will function as a shared resource for the electric micromobility industry.  re:Charge-e stations will provide low cost on-street charging for a variety of electric micromobility vehicles using innovative wireless power transfer technology.  Our intelligent power management solution and power receiver kits adapt to a range of vehicles and battery types ensuring a variety of electric micromobility operators can reap operational and financial benefits, while generating profits for re:Charge-e through the sale of electricity to operators.

Our Supporters

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